Rains Contracting Inc. Office In Malott, WA.Rains Contracting, Inc. is located in Malott, Washington. and is founded on the knowledge, expertise and honesty with regard to the local issues surrounding the Okanogan Valley and beyond. Rains Contracting, Inc. has performed numerous projects and takes pride in the reputation that it has built. That pride is shown in our workmanship and team operations on a daily basis.


Our work history reflects the diversity and capabilities of our group.


Serving the Okanogan and beyond since 1988.


Kurt Rains, President of Rains Contracting Inc.Kurt Rains is the owner and the President of Rains Contracting, Inc. and has been since its inception in 1988. He, alone, brings over 30 years of contracting expertise and marine construction experience to Rains Contracting, Inc.


  • IBT Hazardous Waste Worker Training Program (Trained for Level A)
  • State of Washington Dept. of Ecology Certificate of Competency in Landfill Operations
  • Washington State Traffic Control Supervisor
  • Washington State Flagging and Traffic Control
  • Washington State DOT Erosion Control Certification CESCL
  • Corps of Engineers Construction Quality Management Certification
  • FEMA Management certification
  • Licensed septic installer
  • Fire Card


  • 25+ Years Experience on Various Water Related Works
  • General Contracting as Rains Excavation, Rains Contracting, Inc. and International Underwater Constructors.


Team members of Rains Contracting, Inc. are experienced and courteous individuals that are readily available to perform any task at hand. Each individual displays exemplary skills in specific fields, as required by project mandates.

Rains Conracting, Inc. employees have training such as:

  • Traffic control flagging
  • Traffic control supervisor
  • Hazmat
  • COE Quality Control
  • First Aid/CPR
  • MSHA
  • Stormwater management